Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gift Stash?

Since I posted about this subject on my other blog, I thought I'd ask the question here.

The question?

Do you have a gift stash?

I'm asking mostly to figure out if I should start one of my own.

If you're not familiar with the concept, a gift stash works like this. Say, you're a knitter and you see a pattern for a hat you'd like to make. You find the yarn for it in your yarn stash and knit the hat. But you don't need a new hat and you're not sure who you'd give it to. So you put it in the gift stash and when you need to give someone a gift, you can check the gift stash before going shopping, or knitting something especially for the recipient.

With other crafts, especially frugal crafts, you might say to yourself, "hey, I could make a whatsit out of these thingies here that I was just going to throw out." If you don't have an immediate need for a whatsit, then you can put it in the gift stash. I suspect that if you don't have a gift stash, you'd just give up and throw out the thingies instead of using them to make something.

So a gift stash can be extra frugal because it would keep you from having to buy gifts when you've already made something suitable. It also means that you can make that whatsit, or hat, or arigurumi toy without any time pressure. That time pressure can turn into finishing a two year old's birthday present several months late. (Yes, there's an unfinished pillow sitting on my coffee table. Why do you ask?)

So, do you have a gift stash?

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