Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Craft Leftovers

If you're into Frugal Crafting (and of course y ou are because why else are you here?), then you should visit Craft Leftovers. Kristin shares many projects that you can make with things you probably already have. You can also subscribe to her Craft Leftovers Monthly and get, among other things, reclaimed craft supplies.

Just this week, she gives a good review of Martha Stewart's Holiday magazine and says that many of the projects do not require shopping for anything. Repeat, you can make these projects without having to run out and buy Martha Stewart brand glitter. (I initially typed "bran glitter". I wonder if that would be shiny, edible stuff you put on your food to add fiber, or inedible craft supplies made from bran. Thoughts?)

And then she has a tutorial on quilling leaves, which I may be attempting to try myself. It's a challenge to come up with new handmade holiday gifts every year and these might do the trick, provided that I can make them without ending up in a tangle of paper and glue.

And today, she's posted a free template for paper snowflakes.

So go visit. And if anyone subscribes to the Craft Leftovers Monthly, I'd love to hear how you're liking your monthly package. I don't subscribe myself since I have too many craft supplies already. I dream of a day when I've worked my way through all this stuff, so that I can subscribe (and re-accumulate a copious craft supply stash through a variety of methods).

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