Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Am Not Dead, and a Clay Tutorial

Just trying to finish writing a novel. I simply lack the headspace I need to actually do all the projects I have planned, let alone photograph and blog them. I'm hoping this is a temporary situation.

I'm also a little burned out from the Christmas Knitting. Nothing is fun when there's a deadline looming. So I've decided to start keeping a gift stash--a bag of finished items I can simply hand over when the time comes. They won't be made with the recipient in mind in most cases, but they won't be imbued with all the stress vibes I send out when working under pressure either.

I suggest you do the same for the sake of sanity, as well as frugality. You can buy supplies on sale instead of 2 weeks before someone's birthday. Plus, you'll be able to hand over a gift without thinking, "You damn well better like this thing because I was pulling my hair out over getting it done on time."

Until I get my brain and mojo back, I'll be linking to other people's clever tutorials.

Marie Grace, of Marie Grace Designs shared a fantastic tutorial for making homemade clay and turning it into Christmas tree ornaments. I can imagine this would also work for making a bunch of non-holiday ornaments to be hung around the house as well. Or make a batch of clay and make 1 or 2 for each holiday throughout the year.

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Ruth said...

Great blog - I love the idea of frugal crafting! I have started a small bag of random things for future gifts - the hard thing is keeping track of what you've already given people, so you don't repeat the crochet brooch or bookmark you gave them last year.